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Qualified engineering production in the field of winding technology and production of specialized machines and workplaces. Design of custom design solutions according to the customer's requirements and needs. Qualified production of various types of machinery according to the customer's specification. Production of worm and spur gearboxes. Co-operative production of labour-intensive engineering parts and machine groups.

Why to choose our company

Why to choose our company


Almost 70-year tradition of production of machinery and equipment not only for the electrical industry.



Design and technological solution according to the customer's specific requirements using the latest trends.

Reliability & Quality

Long-term collaboration in the field of manufacture of new machines and equipment and refurbishing of existing machines and equipment for leading European companies.

Company history


1950 – 1994

MEZ Mohelnice National Enterprise


1994 – 2010

MEZ Mohelnice state Enterprise






Our certificates

We also offer

Service and refurbishment of machinery, contract work - turning, milling, grinding, welding, assembly, electrical assembly, painting.

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